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Child-raising of Japanese dogs

Some people say “Japanese puppies should be separated from their mother in an early stage. Otherwise, they would bite people when they become older.” But this is just ridiculous. What kind of raising method can build their disposition to bite humans?

Puppies learn necessary things for their social life by living with their mother and siblings. During playing with their siblings, they tackle and bite each other in a playful manner to understand their rank in the group.
Such a play sometimes becomes serious and the mother stops further escalation to real fighting.
In the weaning period, a mother rejects her children quite strongly to encourage their independence.
The mother teaches them how painful it is to be bitten as well.

On the other hand, puppies separated from their mother in an early stage have to start a new life before learning social life very well. So, they are likely to be less confident in doing various things because they have little knowledge about them.
Of course, they feel unsecured and scared of something for no reason so that them may bite people to fight with their own feelings.
But when they are disciplined by their mother strictly and understand what the social life is, they can trust their owner in any occasions, which then leads to building a strong bond between a dog and his/her owner.

There are some people who train dogs cruelly to get an award in a contest as strong impression of dog’s eyes is a condition to get an award. But it is totally wrong.
Not only it doesn’t work for the purpose but also such dogs may bite people even more to protect themselves.

Puppies learn love, social life and being tough for life.
Discipline given by mother is the base for them to build a relationship of mutual trust with their owner and their happy life later on.


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