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It is true that there is a big difference in the character between Japanese dogs and Western dogs. But this just means that there are different ways of raising and taking care of dogs depending on the species but does not suggest any difference in the easiness of raising dogs.
Additionally, although there are wrong ways of taking care of dogs but no right way applicable to all dogs. It is just like relationships of humans. You can naturally find the right way when you build a “bond” with your dog.

Through feeding and exercising together, a dog soon understands the relationship with his/her owner.
The relationship becomes a strong trust and bond before long. The owner is not only a master but also a father or mother.
Furthermore, a dog can understand the living environment which is unique to each family and adjust himself/herself to it.
This is enabled only by a strong trust between a dog and his/her owner.

In dog raising, even if there is a time when a dog is forced to do something, humans should not be forced to do unreasonable things.
Continuously doing unreasonable things may create some kind of distortion. But if the owner is the cause, the dog has no way to improve the situation.
The owner should manage his/her dog well and love him/her very much.

It is difficult to explain about a bond with a dog with words, but the bond is surely very precious and unreplaceable.
In addition, such a bond can be realized only after living with the dog for some time.
We would like you to build a wonderful bond with a dog born to our kennel and become happy together.

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