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A genetic disease of Shiba dogs

Some directors of Nihon Ken Hozonkai are really concerned about the future of Japanese dogs.
Currently, Japanese dogs are very popular and being bred overseas. But, because of wrong crossing methods, genetic diseases, such as the one introduced here, sometimes occur. Since the onset of the disease has been reported not only in Japan but also overseas, it is regarded as a very significant crisis for the existence of the species of Japanese dogs.
We can’t preserve and nurture the brand of Japanese dogs, which we Japanese are proud of, unless we understand about Japanese dogs more.

There are so-called Ryukyu dogs in Okinawa Prefecture. People carefully protect Ryukyu dogs and try to conserve the species under the rule that ‘Ryukyu dogs should not be taken out of Okinawa Prefecture’.
On the other hand, some Japanese dogs are already in overseas countries now.
I believe that we should learn and think, in a responsible manner, about the ways to continue protecting Japanese dogs that are being loved by people all over the world.

A genetic disease of Shiba dogs (GM1 gangliosidosis) [English translation]
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