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“A lesson for me who has been intrigued by the charm of Shiba dogs” is posted. We are very happy if you read it through.

I report here “a harsh lesson for me who have been intrigued by the charm of Shiba dogs” as the trouble was settled on July 18, 2019.
As the result of seeking for an adult dog excellent enough to win a prize in national competitions hosted by Nihon Ken Hozonkai, I had to have contended at law with a person for the past two years over the purchase of Shiba dogs (hand over).
Formerly, I was not educated about Shiba dogs at all. I deeply regret that my intention to receive an award without making efforts resulted in contending at law with somebody like this.
But, during and after the experience of the incident, I have received a lot of advice from various people on the nature, history and breeding methods of Shiba dogs and was able to build our kennel, which can be seen in this Web Site.
I had really wondered whether I should put the judgement of the trial as follows on this Web Site or not. But I decided to post it as a kind of milestone for me to prevent the occurrence of a similar incident somewhere in this world.
I will never forget this important lesson but work hard on breeding Shiba dogs from now on, too.
Thank you very much for reading this article.

Sato Junichi
Tokushima Sato-so


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