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Health management

When the father and mother dogs are healthy, the child dogs can be born healthy, too!

Body weight measurement

Health management is conducted by measuring their body weight every day to adjust the needed amount of diet.
The best body weight of an individual dog is maintained by appropriate exercise and diet.

Body weight measurement


Vaccination is given to dogs at our trusty family animal hospital.

Today is the day of vaccination
Today is the day of vaccination for dogs at the age of 60 days!
This is the first time for me to visit a hospital!!
I will do my best!

I will do my best!
First, a doctor will measure
my body temperature and then examine my feces!!
I will do my best!

an injection!
No parasite was found, so that the next procedure was an injection!💉

It was not painful at all!
It was not painful at all!


○Medication is managed for each individual dog with the management table
○Parasitic worms outside and inside of the body are exterminated by monthly administration of NexGard Spectra (Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. ).
○Spot-type Revolution is administered monthly as it shouldn’t be administered to pregnant and breast-feeding dogs.


Usually, pest control agents are administered only during a period when ticks and mosquitos are active with higher risk of infection. However, in our kennels, those agents are used throughout the year. This is because we believe that health risks of our dogs, their medical costs and the impact of a disease in the whole kennels are much bigger than the preventative medical cost and risks of side effects if they are contracted with a disease.



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