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Careful layout of cages

Dogs of our kennels live separately at the distance of just seeing each other.
Although there are no fierce fights between the dogs, the tones of their voices show their hierarchical relationship.

In our kennels, no chance is given to dogs to communicate physically.
— Why?
It is because when dogs contact each other physically,
it is impossible to avoid their fighting to determine their clear hierarchy.
Dogs who have lost a fight would never behave as they are in the kennel.

 layout of cages
 layout of cages

It may be the nature of Shiba dogs,
but we want them to express themselves and as they are,
developing their disposition and characteristics
without being oppressed by the hierarchical relationship.

Dogs are aware of the presence of other dogs in their daily life,
talking with each other over the cages
at the possibly closest distance and running together.
Especially, dogs in neighboring cages seem to influence each other.
Therefore, we believe that by understanding the relationship
and characteristics of the dogs well and carefully laying out dog cages,
their disposition and characteristics are healthily developed.


Relaxing in a large cage

Although it is generally said that Shiba dogs are more settled in a small space, the dogs of our kennels seem to be different.
They find their favorite places for comfort, enjoying the breeze and sun-bathing in the cage, and they sleep in any place in any posture with feelings of security.



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