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Mealtime is something dogs wait for♪
Healthy body is based on healthy food.


○ Dog food

Daily meals are the base of building a healthy body.
In our kennels, we want to provide healthier food to our dogs, so that we have used and compared different types and brands of dog food.
Low-fat food is said to be good for Shiba dogs. But, some dog food products for Shiba dogs are sticky and seem to contain too much fat. In the past, actually, some dogs had dermatitis due to excessive fat intake.
The dog foods we are now using are “First Choice” series of Earth Pet Co., Ltd., which seem to be the most balanced of all dog foods we have used in the past. Excessive fat is well reduced and appropriate amounts of nutrients are contained in any product of the series. We are satisfied with the high quality of these products.

Nutrition supplement paste

Nutrition supplement paste

Nutrient supplement paste “Staminol” is used in our kennels. We feel the effects in many settings and this product is one of the essential items for us now.


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