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Our thoughts

Breeding dogs: It means imposing some restrictions on dogs.

How do dogs feel and what do they think in their living under some restrictions?

We are carefully listening to the voices of dogs.
With the past experiences and inquiring mind, we are raising healthy and sound dogs.

Information on our kennel
Name Tokushima Sato-so and Shikoku Yuhomare-so
Address 452-1, Aza-Kitahara, Gojo, Yoshino-cho, Awa-shi, Tokushima, 771-1403
Contact Info. Phone: +81 88-696-5152
Responsible person Yu Maeda
License number and qualifications Animal Handling Business Operator Registration No. 10409, Grade 3 License of Domestic Animal Dealer
Family hospital Fujie Animal Hospital
339-1, Aza-Minamihara, Donari, Donari-cho, Awa-shi, Tokushima,
Director: Masaharu Fujie TEL:088-695-2511

Our policy

“Consult the Past to Learn about the Future”

We study the history of Japanese dogs and propagate what we have learned to the world.

We learn the profoundness of breeding Japanese dogs, find the attractiveness, abilities and essence of Japanese dogs which are not yet widely recognized and propagate what we have learned to the world.

our kenne
our kenne

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